index¬†For the proclamation of the soon return of jesus christ, calling believers to holiness and unbelievers to flee from the wrath that is to come.Christ’s last words before He returned to the father were in essence; Go now to all nations and proclaim the good news to every creature. As soon as you do this I shall return. Matt 24:1


Let us examine our attitudes towards wealth and comfort and rearrange our priority to put God’s work in the first place. Let the desire for soul winning be strong in us that it over-shadows our (1)

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Winning Souls

download (6)“Many people only pray for the unconverted to be saved.” Jesus said, go out and bring them in. Lk. 14:23. God never called anyone to any ministry that is not a soul winning ministry. The very essence of being a Christian is Christ living in you — witnessing and ministering through you.


hopeAround the world we have seen that the people want to know how they can be successful Christians, successful fathers, successful mothers, husbands and wives, business men through Christ. We preach to put hope in them.

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Pastor Edward Okeyode
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